All models of the LEEK SEEKER System, along with LEEKQUID Leak Detection Concentrate will help you find the hardest of leaks in any pneumatic system.

All our products are made in Canada. 

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Phone:  403-330-6347
Email: leekseeker@gmail.com

The team at leekseeker.com has created the worlds greatest leak-detection concentrate ever made.

View the pictures below of how LEEKQUID works.

When LEEKQUID is applied, bubbles will "nest" where the leak is located.   

Unlike soap/water solution that is often used, the leak will still be present up to 45 minutes AFTER applying. 

Below is a picture of a separated tire.   

LEEKQUID found ALL the leaks within seconds. 

The below picture of the same tire 45 minutes after being sprayed with soap/water.   

Notice, no bubbles are present.  Soap/water evaporates quickly. 


Simply pour LEEKQUID directly into the LEEK SEEKER system: 

Turn on shop water supply and use spray nozzle to find the leaks. 
The LEEK SEEKER system mixes the solution for you when spraying.
Air-Brake Systems - LEEKQUID finds even the slowest of leaks. 


Environmentally friendly, n on-toxic and s afe for your technicians to use.

A Copy of our MSDS is available by request at leekseeker@gmail.com